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Price Date 1
30th June 2020
NAV Price
NAV Price (inc. 5% initial charge)
Gross Asset Value (GAV)
Fund Currency
Location weighting
{"type":"pie","data":[{"label":"UK","value":"10.4"},{"label":"Channel Islands","value":"23"},{"label":"Spain","value":"66.6"}]}
Sector breakdown
Fund Administrator, Secretary and Registrar
Cannon Asset Managment Limited
Investment Advisor
Montreux Advisers Limited
Property Advisor
Avignon Capital Limited
Moore Stephens
Largest Properties % of total income
Arnold House, Guernsey 37%
Bang de Sang, Barcelona 27%
50 La Colomberie, St Helier 16%
Gable House, Turnham Green Terrace 12%
159 High Street, Guildford 5%
36 Westgate Road, Dartford, Kent 3%
Cubic share price (pence)
{"type":"line","data":[{"date":"30\/09\/2013","value":"2.214","label":"Q3 2013"},{"date":"31\/12\/2013","value":"2.288","label":"Q4 2013"},{"date":"31\/03\/2014","value":"2.417","label":"Q1 2014"},{"date":"30\/06\/2014","value":"2.467","label":"Q2 2014"},{"date":"30\/09\/2014","value":"2.650","label":"Q3 2014"},{"date":"31\/12\/2014","value":"2.749","label":"Q4 2014"},{"date":"31\/03\/2015","value":"2.740","label":"Q1 2015"},{"date":"30\/06\/2015","value":"2.845","label":"Q2 2015"},{"date":"30\/09\/2015","value":"2.996","label":"Q3 2015"},{"date":"31\/12\/2015","value":"3.096","label":"Q4 2015"},{"date":"31\/03\/2016","value":"3.133","label":"Q1 2016"},{"date":"30\/06\/2016","value":"3.203","label":"Q2 2016"},{"date":"30\/09\/2016","value":"3.331","label":"Q3 2016"},{"date":"31\/12\/2016","value":"3.249","label":"Q4 2016"},{"date":"31\/03\/2017","value":"3.189","label":"Q1 2017"},{"date":"30\/06\/2017","value":"3.224","label":"Q2 2017"},{"date":"30\/09\/2017","value":"3.279","label":"Q3 2017"},{"date":"31\/03\/2018","value":"3.407","label":"Q1 2018"}]}
Divided per share

The organisation

Cubic Property Fund Ltd

Fund administrators

Cannon Asset Management

Investment advisors

Montreux Advisers Ltd

Fund Custodian

ABN AMRO (Guernsey) Ltd

Property advisors

Avignon Capital

Cannon Asset Management

Managing agents

BNP Paribas



Carter Towler